Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary

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About it

Located in the districts of Angul, Nayagarh and Boudh between longitude 85 35 to 86 5 ( East) and latitude 20' 25 to 20' 45 (North), the Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary extending in an area of  745.52, is a rare place of beauty where nature is generously bountiful in all its forms of flaura and fauna. Tikarpara, on the left bank of the Mahanadi, is a village in Purunakot police-station of Angul subdivsion, famed for its natural beauty. Here  at the middle of the river Mahanadi ther is a gorge which  is locally called "Satkosia Ganda" (the gorge extending 22 1/2 km. Or 14 miles). The mighty river Mahanadi, before it emerges into the coastal plains, passes through a narrow gorge with magnificently wooded mountains of 1,500 to 2,500 feet in height on either side at Sitalpani.  

The river-bed in the gorge is very narrow barely a furlong at places. It is the gorge where the Mahanadi divides the entire area into two parts which are accessible from two separate districts- Nayagarh and Boudh. On the south of the river is a high range of hills and on the north are the mountainous part of Athamallik and Angul subdivsions.

At Tikarpara, which is located about the middle of the gorge, the view of the surrounding landscape is best enjoyed. The place is ideal for tourists as well as for hunters. Major attraction of the sanctury is the gorge, river Mahanadi, the Gharial Research and Conservation Unit at Tikarapada, hill slopes, various tracking routes and boating.

Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary

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