Kapilas Hills

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The Hills

Kapilas is a  short range of hills roughly forming the boundary of Cuttack and Dhenkanal districts.  The entire extent of the hill range together with the surrounding areas are covered with dense jungle . The forest on the Dhenkanal side is known as Kapilas Reserved Forest. The Kapilas hill range consists of numerous peaks, the loftiest among them is called Kapilas(2,239 ft. or 682 M.). Below this peak is located the famous temple of Siva. It is believed that the hill is identified with Kaliash, the famous abode of Lord Siva and hence the name of the place Kapilas ( a corruption of Kailas).

The temple is situated on the slope of the peak at a height of 1,500 feet(147 M.). A zigzag  motorable path(constructed by Raja Surapratap of Dhenkanal ) leads up to the temple front from Deogan which is 19 km. (12 miles) east of Dhenkanal on the road to Mandan. On this route, Kapilas is about 3 miles from Deogan; a greater  portion of this route consists of Ghat road, with steep ascent and sudden bends. For pilgrims who go on foot, the convenient route is to follow another track from Deogan. After two miles on this track, the foot of the hill is reached. From here the ascent up to the Kapilas temple is steep; but well laid steps numbering about  1,300  make the journey  much easier. The steps end just in front of the western gateway of the temple where the motorable road also ends.

Kapilas Hills

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