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Potrait Of A Master Craftsman

Sudarshan Sahu, the elegant sculptor and crafty designer, keeps alive the glorious tradition of Orissan art and sculpture.

A "PADMASHREE" awardee for his artistic and sculptural excellences, Sri Sahu upholds and perpetuates the magnificent Orissan art and sculpture, the remains of which one comes across on the monuments of Konark, Lingaraj or Rajarani temples. At a time when the exquisite art and craft of Orissa threatened to be obliterated by the ravages of Time, worthy sons of the soil like Sudarsan Sahu have come round to pick them up from their burial ground and give them a fresh lease of life.

Born into a humble family in Puri on March11, 1939, Sri Sudarshan Sahu was initiatedinto the craft of stone carving at the tender age of 13 by his Guru(Teacher), Late Sri Bhubaneswar Mohapatra and Sri Kunia Maharana of Puri town.

Sri Sahu has inherited his style from the temple-heritage of Orissa and has mastered the art of icon-making drawn from religious themes. In 1971, Sri Sudarshan Sahu made a major breakthrough in his career when he bagged an assignment to curve the anecdotes of Lord Buddha's life at the Dhauli Peace Pagoda on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar city. The successful completion of this assignment resulted in a long-term relationship with the Japan Buddha Sangha.

In 1976 he was invited to carve the Buddha Jataka relics at Takamori, Japan, and thereafter there was no looking back for him.

As a mark of recognition, the people of his native town, Puri, conferred on him the title "Srikshetra Shree" in the same year.
At a time when many a traditional skill and motif is fast dying out, Sri Sudarshan Sahu's magnificent effort helps restore the tradition for our posterity.

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