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About Bhimakand

Bhimakand is a  village in Kaniha police-station, about 30 km. north of Talcher town and 50 km from Angul on the right bank of the Brahmani. After crossing a jungle of shrubs from the road one comes across a sand rock, which is about a mile away from the Brahmani. Paddy fields adjoin the rock on its north and west. On the northern side of the rock is carved on natural rock in Situ a massive image of Vishnu in sleeping posture. The image sleeps on its right side and hence its two right hands are not carved. The image is 41 feet 6 inches(about 1265 Cm ) in length.

In spite of the hugeness of the image, one finds a natural softness of execution. The age of its execution, deduced from the style of sculpture, is said to be 8th  or 9 th century A.D. Carving out an image of its hugeness is no doubt a bold conception on the part of the sculpture. The image of Gomateswara in Mysore State measures 57 feet(1737 cm). in height and is the largest image in India. The sleeping image of Vishnu at Bhimakand is second only to Gomateswara in size. As the image of Gomateswara  is a standing image, the Bhimakand image has the honour of being the largest sleeping image in India.

How to go & Where to stay

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How to go
Ideally located on the National Highway No. 42,  Angul which is 160 km  from Bhubaneswar is an important road junction of the State connected by regular bus services from Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Dhenkanal,Sambalpur and Rourkela etc. It is a railhead on the S.E. Railway.The nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar which is 160 km from Angul.

Where to stay
Circuit House (Sub- Collector) Ph: 30310
Inspection Bunglow ( PWD) Ph: 30407
Forest Rest House Ph: 303222

Tourist Office, Dhenkanal, Ph: 4670, Gram: Orrissatour


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