Success Stories
We have listed a small sample of our members successfully finding their life partners. While there are no guarantees in life, we will always assure you that we will give you the best of support in finding a life partner for you or your loved ones
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Pravat and Bijaylaxmi
We are extremely happy to inform you that we(Pravat & Bijaylaxmi) met each other through your website & got married on 11th march 2007
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5th December, 2006
We had taken full membership with your site so that we could get list of matching profiles. To our luck we found our match from the very first list. Our marriage was celebrated in December 2006.

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Subhransu and Anuradha
6th December, 2006
We had posted our profile with for our only daughter. We found a match for her from We are very much thankful to
Chinmaya and Madhushree
I had posted my ad in your site. The day I got myself registered, I saw Madhu's profile in your site. I paid the full membership fee so that my ad as well as phone number was accessible to all (specially to Madhu's family). To my luck, they responded positively. Since I was working in Assam with ONGC & she was working with Tatatel in Hyderabad, it was difficult on our part to meet each other. With the consent of our parents I went to Hyderabad to meet her. We met twice & did have a strong feeling that we are made for each other. In hyderabad I proposed to her which she accepted.We informed our parents regarding the same. We got married on 16th of Jan 2005, which was also her birthday. Now we are happily married & do thank your site profusely. All the best.


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Nihar and Tejaswini
My daughter's profile was registered as a full memeber in your website vide ad no. 10641 & got her partner from your site, his ad no was 17184. They got married on 11th March 2007.Thanks your OriyaMatrimonials family for a such type of valuable facilities & service. I wish others to take the same facility.
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Himanshu and Manisha
Hello Team,
Thank you so much as I have found my soulmate through your website. We are happily married since 13 Dec 2004. The bride was also from your website listed ones. The response to my ads were really overwhelming and I heartily THANK all the team members of for this success. It would be highly appreciated if you all pls look into withdrawing my profiles (2045 & 1025) from the website as I'm still getting responses and feel guilty. Lastly, but not leastly I again send my heartful tonnes of THANKS to you all there.

Himanshu & Manisha
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Dr.R.Pradhan and Manolina
6th May 2007
Thanks to your website, we got a number of responses. Finally we got married on 6th May, 2007. Thanks again for helping us a lot.
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Sidharth and Madhushmita
4th May 2007
I the father of Madhushmita got the perfect match in all respects from within one month of registration. My heartful thanks to
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Gundicha Nandan and Laxmipriya
Thanks to Oriyamatrimonials. Com that my marriage being held through your site. Your service is excellent & transparent & I hope you will continue to provide this sort of service to all.
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Nisakar and Swosti Prava
We had posted this profile on behalf of our daughter. We had taken Full membership for one year,so that we were getting hard copies of matching lists from and to my luck from that lists, i found the suitable candidate for my daughter. I am very much thankful to for their better service.
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Sukanta and Sujata
6th July 2007
I had posted my son's profile with as a paid member.Within two months, his marriage was held with Sujata,who was also a registered member.I got her contact details along with phone no. from the matching list(print copies) sent by courier/post every month by sort of service is much benificial for any layman.I am really thankful to
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Anshuman and Arpita
10th december 2005
We met and fall in love thanks to this website. we got married within 2 months after our first meeting and now we are blessed with two lovely twin baby girls.excellent service
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Prakash Nath and Madhushmita
Dear Sir, special thanks for help up to your website for getting my good life partner. We would like to take this opportunity to thank entire team for bringing us together.
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Kalidas and Manorama
We are really grateful to for rendering us excellent and transparent service for which we are able to settle our married life within six months after paid registration with them.
We also advise everyone to take this advantage like us by registering with them.
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Neepak and Rita
I had posted in your website as paid member. I got lot of responses and got married within six months of the posting of my profile. I am really thankful for your support extended to find out a perfect match.I suggest others to take the same benefit from
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Laxminarayan and Rekhasree
I had registered the profile of my son Sri Laxminaran Pati for his marriage in your Cuttack office vide advt no. 21585. It was widely displayed in your web site and your advertisement was given to Oriya news paper Dharitri. This gave a good effort and a lot of proposals came, out of which one proposal from Sri Shyama Charan Dash Retired High School Head Master of Gadadhar High School, Puri was for his youngest daughter Kumari Rakhsree Dash and marriage was finalized and marriage was held on 02. 12. 2007. Many thanks to Oriya Matrimonials Cuttack Branch for such co-operation and help.

Kalidas Pati, Retired Asst. Executive Engineer (ph), CuttacK
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Jayant and Rashmi
We are very thankful to the Almighty, who had us meet through oriyamatrimonials. We are humbly grateful to this matrimonial site which is helping couples come together
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Gagan and Madhusimta
1st Jan 2005
In today's busy life, Oriya matrimonials portal gives a fabulous platform to search for the soul mate. We appreciate the gesture, cooperation and service extended by the Officials of Oriya Matrimonials to facilitate in finding the right match. We extend our sincere thanks to the team of Oriya Matrimonials.

All the Best.

Gagan & Madhusmita
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Satyajit and Pankajini
I am verymuch thankful to ORIYAMATRIMONIALS.COM that we got a very good matching bride from your organisation for my son. This Organisation is a very good for matching couple with all good cooperation and effort for marriage purpose''
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Saumendra and Sujata
We met through oriyamatrimonials site although we were miles apart from eachother.Thanx a lot to the ORIYAMatrimonials site for making both of us united. Wish the site all the best in their nice endeavor
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Kaushik and Kamalini
It is my pleasure to apprise you my success story and sharing my feelings with great pleasure and satisfaction.

The moment I could get an opportunity to come in contact with you and your cordial attitude extending your all possible help to find out a suitable bride for my only son, amazing proposals were showering to choose from both through print media and telephone calls from different places.

Finally, within a couple of days, a nice girl with good academic back ground and excellent family background has been agreed with us to tie the knot. It is well said "Marriages are made in Heaven" but proposed by, a grand success never before appeared so early in one family.

Thanking you
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Srikant and Eleena
I am glad to inform you that after being paid a member of Oriyamatrimonials, we the family members get a successful matching bride for our son and the marriage is over now.
Thanks for the Oriyamatrimonals publication that I have. It would propose others to achieve a perfect match.
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manoranjan and sasmita
Marriages are made in Heaven. This is the ultimate truth of our lives. And my families achieved it after so lot of search from Newspapers and other sources. Here the story begins: This two individual souls loitering haphazardly for a partner. My father initiated the process by contacting chita's father about my profile. After getting the initial approval from our parents, both of us began talking through phone call and interacted in person. Both of us knew that our Wavelengths matched in every respect. We will be married in 22nd April 2009 at MAA TARINI Temple, Bhadrak, Orissa. We would like to thank without whom our paths would not have crossed.
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Santosh Behera and Sujata Behera
5th March 2009
I am Sujata and I met Santosh through this web site. We met each other. We talked to each other.Then finally we married each other on 5th of March 2009. Thanks a lot to oriya matrimonial.
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Tapan kumar and Sangita
We are giving thanks to Oriya for their best service & cooperation
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Prasant and Saumya
OriyaMatrimonials is the gateway to our marriage, as I found her profile over here. Now its going to be one year. Thanks for bringing us together.

Prasant & Saumya
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Rajesh and Leena
It's just exciting to tell about our feelings.. about how we got married. I (Bridegroom) saw the profile of Leena in And after a lovely courtship of 3 months we got married on 17th April 2009. We thank for being a platform to find each other. She is very sweet,caring and understanding. She is love of my life. Thanks Rajesh with Leena.
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Pritish and Shradhanjali
I am very much thankfull to Oriyamatrimonials.Com for helping me to find a suitable match for my daughter.The kind words and support rendered by the staff is unmatchable at a very crucial time.
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Santosh and Rima
Dr Santosh Tripathy and Dr Rima Mishra met and married through your web site only.
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Saswat and Lopamudra
Saswat saw my profile and asked his parents to contact my parents. We met each other in February and everything was finalised. we tied the knot on 9th December 2009. Thanx to Oriya Matrimonilas I have found the best match and the best husband of the world
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pramod and snigdha
We meet eachother by and our family agreed with us.We will keep our love for longlife.
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Satyakam and Rashmi Rekha
I've tried many matrimony sites for my marriage,even tried local mediators,but i failed to get suitable match for me.At last thanks to for which I' was able to get my perfect match Rashmi and we got married on 28th Nov 2010.
I will recommend others to go for for their life partners.
Thanks Again.
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