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We have listed a small sample of our members successfully finding their life partners. While there are no guarantees in life, we will always assure you that we will give you the best of support in finding a life partner for you or your loved ones
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Laxminarayan and Rekhasree
I had registered the profile of my son Sri Laxminaran Pati for his marriage in your Cuttack office vide advt no. 21585. It was widely displayed in your web site and your advertisement was given to Oriya news paper Dharitri. This gave a good effort and a lot of proposals came, out of which one proposal from Sri Shyama Charan Dash Retired High School Head Master of Gadadhar High School, Puri was for his youngest daughter Kumari Rakhsree Dash and marriage was finalized and marriage was held on 02. 12. 2007. Many thanks to Oriya Matrimonials Cuttack Branch for such co-operation and help.

Kalidas Pati, Retired Asst. Executive Engineer (ph), CuttacK
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